Embroidered Scottish Clan Badges

Welcome to our collection of Scottish Clan Badges! These badges are embroidered directly onto apparel; they are not patches. The badges measure 2.5 inches wide by 3.75 inches tall.

Anderson clan badgeArmstrong clan badgeBaillie clan badgeBaird clan badgeBarclay clan badgeBell clan badgeBlair clan badgeBoyd clan badgeBruce clan badgeBuchanan clan badgeBurnett clan badgeBoyd clan badgeCameron clan badgeCampbell clan badgeCarmichael clan badgeCarnegie clan badgeChattan clan badgeChishold clan badgeCochrane clan badgeCockburn clan badgeColquhoun clan badgeCraig clan badgeCrawford clan badgeCumming clan badgeCunningham clan badgeDalzell clan badgeDavidson clan badgeDouglas clan badgeDrummond clan badgeDunbar clan badgeDunbar clan badgeDundas clan badgeDunlop clan badgeElliot clan badgeFarquharson clan badgeFergusson clan badgeFleming clan badgeFletcher clan badgeForbes clan badgeForrester clan badgeForsyth clan badgeFraser clan badgeGlabraith clan badgeGordon clan badgeGraham clan badgeGrant clan badgeGunn clan badgeGuthrie clan badgeHall clan badgeHamilton clan badgeHannay clan badgeHay clan badgeHenderson clan badgeHome clan badgeHunter clan badgeInnes clan badgeIrvine clan badgeJardine clan badgeJohnstone clan badgeKeith clan badgeKennedy clan badgeKerr clan badgeKincaid clan badgeKirkpatrick clan badgeLamont clan badgeLeask clan badgeLeslie clan badgeLindsay clan badgeLogan clan badgeMacAlister clan badgeMacAlpin clan badgeMacArthur clan badgeMacAuley clan badgeMacBain clan badgeMacCallum clan badgeMacCullough clan badgeMacDonald clan badgeMacDougall clan badgeMacDowell clan badgeMacDuff clan badgeMacEwen clan badgeMacFaddien clan badgeMacFarlane clan badgeMacFie clan badgeMacGillivray clan badgeMacGregor clan badgeMacInnes clan badgeMacIntyre clan badgeMacIver clan badgeMacKay clan badgeMacKellar clan badgeMacKenzie clan badgeMacKindlay clan badgeMacKinnon clan badgeMackIntosh clan badgeMachLachlin clan badgeMacLaine clan badgeMacLaren clan badgeMacLean clan badgeMacLellan clan badgeLacLennan clan badgeMacLeod clan badgeMacMillan clan badgeMacNab clan badgeMacnaghten clan badgeMacNeacail clan badgeMacNeil clan badgeMacPherson clan badgeMacQueen clan badgeMacRae clan badgeMacTavish clan badgeMacThomas clan badgeMaitland clan badgeMalcolm clan badgeMar clan badgeMatheson clan badgeMaxwell clan badgeMenzies clan badgeMoffat clan badgeMontgomerie clan badgeMorrison clan badgeMurro clan badgeMurray clan badgeNapier clan badgePringle clan badgeRamsay clan badgeRobertson clan badgeRose clan badgeRoss clan badgeRussell clan badgeScott clan badgeScrymgeour clan badgeSinclair clan badgeSkene clan badgeSmith clan badgeStewart clan badgeStuart clan badgeSutherland clan badgeTurnbull clan badgeUrquhart clan badgeWallace clan badgeYoung clan badge