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Restored antique telephones

Few can deny the charm of vintage restored antique telephones such as a candlestick model, or a Western Electric 302 or perhaps the Ericsson wall phone. But are they reliable? Well, yes, most certainly more than the typical modern phone. I daresay few of today's phones will still be around and working in 80 years. This restored antique telephones site has an intriguing collection of lovingly restored antique telephones from yesteryear. For those that prefer an all new candlestick phone that is identical to the original, you can find one of those as well. Many hours have gone into making sure our restored antique telephones are in good as new working order. Hence comes the name Restored antique telephones with an empashis on the word restored. If you are a stickler for authenticity this is the place to come - our restored antique telephones have even been featured in period movies. Touche mon ami!