craftsman mailbox

Craftsman mailbox for bungalow, foursquares, revival styles

Nobody may look a the side of your house, but everyone walking up to the front door closely scrutinizes the mailbox. Doesn't it make sense to choose a style that is complementary to the architecture of the house? It might not even be bad to get junk mail if it was stored in something aesthetically pleasing! Check out this site for an artisan made craftsman mailbox. Back in the era, many items were artisan made and that could include a craftsman mailbox. To stay true to the style one should consider quartersawn oak in a craftsman mailbox, if choosing wood. A metal craftsman mailbox is often made of copper, or perhaps brass with an attractive natural looking finish such as verdegris, but most likely not polished brass. A craftsman mailbox may be selected in a horizontal orientation, or a vertical orientation. A craftsman mailbox may be available with a built in locking mechanism . . . or not. Before getting a craftsman mailbox you should consider how much exposure to the weather is likely to occur in the location you are planning to put it. A wood craftsman mailbox should not be exposed to rain, for obvious reasons. A covered porch are would be much better.