craftsman decorating

Craftsman style decorating

The Craftsman Homes Connection is the granddaddy of the craftsman style specialty stores. Here you'll find everything from arbors to zebrawood light switch plates. Of particular interest are the craftsman style heat registers, light fixtures, house numbers, and hardware. Set aside some time . . . you'll need it to see all of the craftsman style items. Whether you have a craftsman style bungalow, American Foursquare, massive Tudor, or English Revival cottage you'll find that craftsman style items will complement the architectural style appropriately. Metal work from the era often featured copper and oil rubbed bronze, but it is close to just as common to find craftsman style brass, although not highly polished. The most common wood used in craftsman style homes is quartersawn oak, but also often see clear douglas fir, gumwood (also known as eucalyptus), cherry, and many other woods.