air vents for old house, new construction, or in between

Air Vents for vintage, retro, or new construction

As a focal point of a room, air vents can play a major role in creating ambience. Regrettably, many or should I say most air vents are despicably blase, even in houses or commercial buildings that are supposedly high style. One would think with our myriad of air vents we would have something for everyone. While that is very close to the truth, we still do quite a bit of customizing of air vents. We have come to the rescue of many a homeowner, contractor or interior designer where the actual air vents were constructed incorrectly and there was a need to cover up and ill made vent in a wall, ceiling or floor. We have even had requests from creative people that have an idea of their own, to make the air vents of their dreams. Click on the link above to be treated to an assortment of interesting designs, many of which can be customized in the even you have an unusual duct opening to work with.