The Design Components of a Letterman Jacket

Your Jacket, Your Accomplishments, Your Story

Letterman jackets are special because they tell a story, YOUR story, of your high school activities and accomplishments. There are similar components on all letterman jackets but each one is truly unique.

The amount of design you put on your jacket determines your total price, but the majority of my jacket orders run between $300 to $400 dollars.

This section explains the design choices you have in creating your letterman jacket.

The jacket itself:

The jacket is made of wool, typically with leather sleeves, but vinyl and wool sleeves are also an option. The body and sleeves are in your high school colors, in a color combination that you choose. There is knit trim at the neck, waist and cuffs and you get to choose the pattern and color order of this trim. Jackets for both boys and girls have a “roll” or “stand-up” collar. For girls, there is also a zip hood option that lays flat and open on the jacket back. You also get to choose the snap color.

Personalization of your jacket:

Last name: Your last name embroidered on the back is one of the most striking visuals elements of your jacket. Depending on the length of your name, it will be between 2” to 4” tall and about 11” to 13” wide. You will be able to see your name in about 30 fonts and the lettering can be embroidered without an effect, with a shadow or with an outline.

First name: Your first name is embroidered on the front right chest. It can be in a different font from the last name. Additional lines or graphics can be placed underneath your name, such as your nickname, school logo, or sports emblem.

Varsity letter: Your varsity letter is provided by your school and sewn onto the front left chest of the jacket. Small, embroidered emblem patches that designate participation in a sport or activity can be sewn onto the letter.

Graduation year chenille: The “Grad Year” patch is placed at the top of the left sleeve. It can be placed alone or with a “class of” banner. You choose the color combination for this patch.

Additional patches and embroidery work: The sleeves and back of your jacket are areas where you add your patches and chenilles representing your athletics, activities and accomplishments. You may also choose to cite a favorite quote or verse on the lower portion of the jacket back.

All together you have a custom designed jacket all about YOU!